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November 2019

Notes from M&J


Thanks again to all our students and their families who attended our Fall Recital! We are so proud of everyone’s hard work leading up to the recital and for their wonderful performances. Thank you also to those who wrote compliment cards for our performers; it was so encouraging to our students to know their hard work was recognized and appreciated! At Yellow Door, we believe performing should be a fun, encouraging, and energizing experience that allows students to see how much they’ve accomplished and how music brightens everyone's lives!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are thankful for all of you and for the chance to connect through music.

Melia & Justin

Practice Corner


Justin's New Practice Worksheets

This month, Justin’s students are using a new system of recording practice objectives and practice time throughout the week. Similar to Melia’s “Bullseye Practice Challenge” (check it out in October’s newsletter!), this new “lesson record” format allows assignments to be broken down into what and how to practice, as well as a goal for practice. Students also have the opportunity to journal their practice. Practice journaling includes recording the length of time practiced, what was practiced, and how it was practiced. For example: “10 minutes, mm. 4-8 of ‘Jingle Bells,’ slow hands separate practice.” Practice journaling helps students become aware of what they are accomplishing through practice, how often they are practicing, and how efficient their practicing is. Like so many things at the piano, practice journaling is a small habit that can make a big difference in the growth of our Music Makers.

Lesson Record 2.png

November’s Practice Tip

Keep lesson books set up and open on the piano, and keep your keyboard open and accessible. The easier it is to sit down and play, the easier it is to practice consistently!

Consistent, mindful practice means consistent, mindful progress!

Piano in the News



Rescheduled Group Lessons

Group Lessons that were cancelled in October due to Melia’s sickness have been rescheduled. We’ll be making some music, playing some games, eating some snacks, and making practice kits!
SSMS Students: Friday, November 22, 3:30-4:30pm

Melia’s Home Studio Students: Tuesday, November 26, 4-5pm


There are NO regular lessons the week of Thanksgiving (November 25-29). Weekly lessons resume the week of December 2-5.


Okay, so this video is technically “Organ in the News,” but the Washington National Cathedral made a pretty cool new version of "Baby Shark" for the World Series. Just in case you haven't had enough of the song yet… 

Fall Recital
Referral Program
Post 2019-16-08.png

*For each successful referral (the student enrolls for the 2019-20 school year), we will give the referrer a $25 Amazon gift card.

Fall Recital

Thanks to all the Music Makers who shared their talents at our Fall Recital! 

Why do we offer recitals? 

A recital really encapsulates many of our Core Learning Objectives like Community Engagement, Artistry, and Life Skills. We believe music is meant to be enjoyed with those around us, and recitals are a great way to expose students to a wide range of repertoire and skill levels. It also give them a chance to be brave by sharing their hard work with an audience!

Review Incentive

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Follow us for news about the studio; you may even see your own student’s skills on display!


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Online Review Incentive 

Help others connect with Yellow Door by reviewing us online and get a $20 tuition discount! Here's how it works:

  1. Submit a review of Yellow Door on Google, Facebook, and Thumbtack.

  2. Once you’ve posted your review in all 3 locations, we’ll apply a $20 one-time discount to your monthly tuition (one discount per family).

  3. In your review, be sure to include: your teacher’s name, what you appreciate about Yellow Door, and how your Music Maker has grown since beginning their studies with us.

Thanks for your help!

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