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April 2021

Notes from M&J


We are four to seven weeks out from the birth of our little Music Maker, so this month, we’re devoting our entire newsletter to share details about our parental leave and summer semester. We hope to keep our students engaged in music making during our absence and look forward to lots of fun this summer.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Melia & Justin

Baby Colwell.png

Baby Colwell at our ultrasound in December!


Summer Calendar.png
Updated Calendar
Spring Recital
Parental Leave
Summer 2021
Fall 2021

Spring Recital

  • We have decided to delay our spring recital one week to Saturday, May 1 at 11 AM in order to give our Music Makers a little more time to prepare. As a result, we will teach private lessons during the week of April 26, rather than group classes as previously scheduled. During this week, in-person students will record during their private lessons, and virtual students will record at home.

Parental Leave (May/June)

  • We will NOT bill May tuition. We plan to teach until Melia gives birth, likely in mid-May. At that time we will cancel any remaining lessons for the month.

  • We will take four full weeks off from teaching after our child’s birth.

  • Once our child is born and we know the exact dates of our parental leave, we will open up scheduling for the Summer 2021 semester.

  • Each student will receive a “parental leave packet” with a new book and weekly activities to explore during our absence. Please keep these packets on hand and ready to open once you receive our birth announcement!

  • We’ll also be sending a weekly email with reminders and resources for you and your Music Maker during our leave.

Summer 2021

  • Each student will sign up for 5 lessons lasting their normal lesson length. Sign-ups for these lesson times will open up as soon as we begin parental leave and know our return date, but here is our general teaching schedule:

    • Justin: Mondays 3 to 5 PM, 6 to 8 PM

    • Melia: Tuesdays 3 to 4:15 PM, 6 to 7:15 PM; Wednesdays 1 to 2:15 PM, 4 to 5:15 PM

  • We will also offer 3 group classes which will take place on Thursdays from 4 to 5 PM OR 6:30 to 7:30 PM. The dates for group classes are July 1, July 29, August 19. 

  • Over the summer semester, we’ll finish our studio year theme, “Music of COLOR.” Students will have the opportunity to learn more about the composers and styles we’ve discussed over the course of the year through individual projects. They’ll also be continuing their private studies from both their usual materials and parental leave materials. Look for more details in our parental leave email updates!

Fall 2021

  • Our fall semester will begin the week of August 23. We will publish the fall calendar and schedule lessons in July.​

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